Saturday, May 30, 2009

The power of Youth

The youth of India are a vibrant lot. If you don't believe me, check out Orkut, Facebook and Blogspot as well. More than half of this country are youth. So I was happy when I saw the new ministry, the youngest ever minister is 28 years old. Good going! Its nice to know that we're somewhere on the map.

But this has also taken a long time coming. What's the problem then? I've noticed that our youth don't get enough opportunities. Or rather the 'experienced' elders don't want to give them a chance. I agree that experience is important, but old people are more likely to remain stagnant. Youth bring in that breath of fresh air that can revitalize anyone. An example here is of my parish. Two years ago, ours was a parish without much activity. After this particular priest arrived here and started the youth group, the parish suddenly had an overdose of activities. The parish was bursting at its seams with energy - a raw one, ready to be fully utilized, if shown the right direction. See! A guiding force is necessary, I don't deny it. This country, just like the parish, can certainly move forward in the right direction, if it has a proper guide.

Another important thing about the youth is that we like freedom, yet we're kept away from it. I know its misused sometimes, but you get rotten apples everywhere. Try it out, how many youth are able to speak out their minds at home. College is also supposed to have a free atmosphere. How many youth raise their voices there? Very few. Although the intensity has risen in the past few years, especially after the 26/11 attack. The pink chaddi campaign and then the campaign to get voters registered were also a few instances where the youth made their voice heard. Cool!

Youth should never be underestimated. Do so at your own risk. They're dangerous, they're smart and they're street savvy. And they're the future of the world.

One anecdote: I was once travelling in the local train. Mira Road station arrived. Passengers alighted and some boarded it too. As the next station Bhayandar was on the same side, about three youths who were already inside the train and who wanted to get down at Bhayandar
decided to hang at the gate. But unfortunately for them, people got in and stood at the gate itself. One of the middle aged person who stood at the gate told the youths, "Agar darwazein pe khada rehna hain, toh Lalu ko bolo aur train banaye." (If you want to stand at the gate, tell Lalu [the then Railway Minister] to build more trains.)

One of the youths replied, "Aap mujhe Lalu ka phone number dijiye, main abhi call karke bol deta hoon." (You please give me Lalu's phone number, I'll call and tell him.)

I rest my case!


  1. India is undergoing a revolution esp. the youth are no more the ones running behind their momma's pallus or the ones sitting in their papa's laps........the youth has come out from its stereotyped shells and moving forward for all that is right.And its the same with politics.......just hope that nothing's dirty under the bush.

    Another thing that I would like to talk about is about we standing up for ourselves......talking about the pink chaddi campaign Susan did a real good job in spreading awareness of how the internet could be possibly helpful for us........and to an extent I'm proud of being a part of a campaign to spread awareness about 'child abuse'. We received a massive response and support, which we least expected.....

    Hopefully this youth spirit remains and continues to grow and this orthodox thought that the youth can only be associated with crime, sex and drugs vanish out of people's mind like the fog in sunlight.....till then god bless the youth.

  2. well .. thts sumthing 2 think about for every1 !! ... well written, i must say!

  3. VEry well Written Runcil I totally agree!!!