Saturday, May 30, 2009

Betty wins, hands down!

Well the news in 'comicdom' is that Archie is about to propose Veronica and Betty loses out (once again!) I feel bad for Betty. The girl next door has lost out on the boy next door, instead he has fallen for the sexy seductress.

I believe this is the biggest publicity gimmick of our times. The publishers have scored a big goal in the fact that they've kept away from the 'typical' approach and have instead linked our "freckle face" to Ron. But eventually I don't think anything will happen and our loving Archie will still remain confused as before. He might even choose Cheryl like he did in the 'Love Showdown' series. Or maybe someone else! Midge? Ethel? Nancy? Betty? Jughead!?!?!

This piece of news has set tongues rolling everywhere with a very interesting topic coming up in the newspaper today. The article wonders whether just like in the comics does the girl-next-door lose out in real life as well to the sexy & svelte chick. They gave good examples too, that of Brad Pitt and Abhishek Bachchan. (?!?!?)

Traditionally in movies or books, it is always the simple girl who triumphs in the end. That's because of the age old adage that good always wins over evil and the sexy, rich girl was always considered a vamp against the halo on the head of the simpleton.

The article spoke about how all this is hogwash and girls nowadays can't afford to be simple. It spoke about how they lose out on the good guys in that way. I don't understand this! You might say that in India, we prefer dating the wild kind, but when its time to take her home, "no please, I'm taking someone else. Oh that girl there is nice! She's simple, homely and knows to cook." Well there are few people like this no doubt! But there are people who really want a simple girl too. Come on. Its not like every one's preference is the same and all guys out there are waiting for the hot chick to fulfill their dreams. After all what really matters is whether you connect with her. (I can see the millionaires wanting to cut my throat!)

Betty will win. And even if Archie does choose Ron, I say Betty should take Jughead. Juggie's a darling and he's always had a sweet spot for Betty (or her cookies, rather!)


  1. I don't think you should allow some delinquent to write such things on your blog Runcil. If its a girl she surely sounds like a frustrated and arrogant Veronica.....though she doesn't sound sexy.

    One thing I would like to clear from the male perspective about the thing that it is not always true that men what some sizzling hot just off the pan kind of girl. And most of the time its just a hype to make men look more inferior. So nothing should trouble other guys anymore...

    Archie is just a goddamn fiction. And leave Brad Pitt and the other nerdy characters out of it......they just don't seem to value things that they have and end up digging toilets for some one else....

  2. cud the miniscule lil twerps mind dier own business here ???

    the commenter up here... need 2 focus on t article nt wot d girl up above has wriiteen...

    from my side ..its all better said than done...

    i dnt say men lik woman hot just a lil difficult 2 get..i said d ones who let them be chased and set their pulses racing...n sillcharmd men wid their ways

    d man above is speaking lik he's gnna attain for priesthood dis moment..

    dis topic ia as controversial lik talking abt the purrfect guy..