Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bittersweet Home

So I wrote these few lines with some semblance of a rhythm. It's about Bombay and how bittersweet it is to the people here. Anyone sweet enough to put a tune to it?

Bittersweet Home

Verse 1

Sitting in the sunset’s light,
screaming for some closure.
The waves come and pass me by
the darkness is my torture.
They say life moves too fast over here
This is the city that never sleeps.
But how can they just pass me by?
Not paying attention to the girl that weeps.


She asks too much of you.

She takes as much as she gives you.
She nurses you all night,
and then spits you out, all pale and trite.
She loves you just as much as you love her.
Like a silhouette, I can never trust her.
I love her so, oh my Lord!
The Drive, trains, beaches and tetrapods.

Verse 2

I travel in the train at night,

I’m losing my composure.
The breeze whips my hair
Telling me it’s all over.
I’ve seen stories born and die each day here.
This city ain’t for the meek.
Was I just another face in the crowd
or swallowed for her keep?