Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why I Failed My Exams...

Top 10 reasons students will give when they fail their exams this semester: 
1. I was busy watching Twenty20 cricket. Otago Volts versus Trinidad and Tobago. It was a very interesting match. I couldn't take my eyes off it. (Although I feel the studies might have been more interesting!)

2. The firecrackers disturbed me, I want an eco-friendly Diwali. Curse those F*#@ing children!

3. My girlfriend gave me sleepless nights. (Not to be taken in a figurative manner! You dirty mind!) She wanted me to marry her as quickly as possible or she would apply for her swayamvaar programme on television.

4. I was hooked onto Orkut and Facebook 24/7. In fact on a quiz on fB, I got the result that I'll get 10% in the exams. At least I got 25% and proved them wrong!

5. I was continuously going to church to pray to God. (You know the reason! No, you dumbo! Not for my studies, but for my girlfriend!)

6. I was busy reading Five Point Someone. I related so much to the lead character, that I also felt like failing my exams in order to empathise with his character.

7. The doctor diagnosed me with cramophobia. He told me to stay away from studies, especially from all textbooks with a fine print as that would give me an even severe headache!

8. Our teachers told us to watch films as assignments and analyse it. Unfortunately I forgot the latter part and overdid the former!

9. I was thinking of various topics to write about in my blog as I had not put up anything for a long time. People were anxiously awaiting my next post. So obviously I had to spend a lot of time researching and thinking about my next one!

10. I was fulfilling my civic duty by finding information about the politicians in our area who were standing for elections. You should be proud of me, mom. I voted for the very first time. What is more important? Getting good marks, or having a good government? (Unfortunately no political party had a manifesto stating that it would abolish exams!)