Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Soundtrack Of My Life!

Irrespective of whether a movie is good or not, one always remembers the soundtrack to a movie. No matter if the soundtrack contains an obscure "Sarkaye lo Khatiya" or a raunchy "Munni Badnaam Hui" or a superhit "Ande ka Funda" in a forgettable film. Inevitably even if the film is a dismal affair, the song will always register even if its heard after many years. And if the song was based on an iconic scene (Rocky's Eye of the Tiger) or used in a good film ((500) Days of Summer's You Make My Dreams), then it becomes an unforgettable experience.

What matters is, is that these songs always make for a splendid background to the happenings on screen. How I wish that I too had songs playing during some moments of my life. So now I list a humorous list of which songs I'd like playing at certain moments in my "dramatic" life!

Well, the songs listed below may not suit the moment musically because I'm going more on the lyrics here. That too, just a few appropriate lines!

My overall theme song: "...I am one of those melodramatic fools; neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it..." Green Day's 'Basket Case'.

While ranting on this blog: "Do you have the time to listen to me whine?" Green Day's 'Basket Case' again.

Completing impossible assignments: "I am in misery, there ain't nobody who can comfort me..." Maroon 5's 'Misery'.

While watching Inception: "Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you." Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On'.

While driving drunk: "Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel" The Doors' 'Roadhouse Blues'.

While dealing with PR agencies: "Just have a little patience..." Take That's 'Patience'.

When I'm in a mood where I can't decipher how I feel or how to put it into words: "I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight..." U2's 'I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight'.

After the ticket seller at the ticket counter on the railway station closes his window: "If you change your mind, I'm the first in line..." ABBA's 'Take A Chance On Me'.

As an alternative to the four-letter F-expletive: "And I will try to fix you..." Coldplay's 'Fix You'.

When spreading message of peace and love: "Everybody's gonna love today, love today, love today..." Mika's 'Love Today'.

When I'm being too desperate: (Next two lines) "Anyway you want to, anyway you got to, love, love me..." Mika's 'Love Today'.

When writing a person's profile for a feature: "Tell me baby, what's your story, where you come from and where you wanna go this time?" Red Hot Chili Peppers' 'Tell Me Baby'.

While having sex ::wink:: : "Now I'll fly you to the moon and back, if you'll be, if you'll be my baby..." Savage Garden's 'To The Moon And Back'.

While jumping onto a moving train to catch the window seat: "The kids don't stand a chance" Vampire Weekend's 'The Kids Don't Stand A Chance'.

When with friends: "You know I can't smile without you..." Barry Manilow's 'Can't Smile Without You'.


  1. I loved it and I can totally relate to it! :D

  2. The 'other' kids don't stand a chance :D

  3. Hahahhahaha Nice One Ruuncil!
    What about one for when you go Potty ?

  4. @Manasi: Thanks... :0

    @Shubhra: Na, m the expert in this case...

    @Anez: How about "Baby, are you down down down?" Jay Sean's Down...

  5. Hahahhahahahahahhahaha:P

  6. Anonymous15/9/10 00:19

    nice list runcil......it suits u..i liked the Savage Garden option ::winks::

  7. fantastic piece dumdum!!!
    it compliments ur blog title.... random n unique... which u truly are!!! ;)

  8. but u knw i dnt agree wid "to d moon n bck"!!!:P

  9. @Anon: Thanks.. n Savage Garden... ;)

    @Hrisha: Look at comment above urs... :P and thanks... :)

  10. @narci: i saw but still i disagree ;)
    @anon: sry ya :P

  11. intriguing piece runcil!!! :)