Monday, April 26, 2010

Why I Hate Mumbai Indians...!

Sometimes I feel that my hate for Mumbai Indians is more than my love for the other teams! Actually the thing is... I hate Mumbai Indians for 4 reasons... (It was 3 for so many years, I just made up one now!)

1. MI (Mumbai Indians, not Mission: Impossible! Though you can exchange those terms!) is owned by Ambanis, whom I hate! Advertising and management students may call it the 'halo effect', but I don't care!

2. MI has Sachin Tendulkar, who I feel is the most hyped player in the world!
Damn it, why doesn't he just retire and give other youngsters a chance? At the end of the 2007 Word Cup, he said he may not play the 2011 WC... But here he is ready to play that too!!!
Even the IPL 2010 final match versus Chennai Super Kings, he played with an injury... I don't see it as heroic. Instead if he hadn't played, some youngster who would've played better perhaps, or Jayasuriya/Bravo could've been given a chance!
Even his captaincy in that match is questionable... Sending Bhajji at 4, Pollard at 8!!!
Anyway, Pollard and therefore Mumbai Indians and Tendulkar too got their due... Everyone saw how Pollard did not give Rayudu a chance to bat, because he wanted the strike all the time... And then Rayudu's wicket... Rayudu got out just because Pollard forced him to... I believe if Rayudu had stayed on, MI would've had a chance! Teamwork, anyone?
And as to Sachin's credentials about being a world class player: any cricket player (even a gully-cricket playing one) will tell you that when a fielder takes a catch close to the ground, he knows if it has bounced on the ground before landing in his hands or if he has directly taken the catch... In the semi-finals of the 2010 IPL against RCB, everyone saw the (missed) catch he took of Dravid... He appealed for a wicket, when I, who was sitting in the confines of my living room, could see that it was grassed before he took the catch... How could he even appeal for a catch?! Disgusting! I say it's proper judgment that he tore his webbing on that catch itself!

3. It's Bombay, not Mumbai! (Just my way of revolting in a small way against the local fascist political parties)

4. (Which I made up right now) Their team name reeks of groupism! I understand it's an Indian tournament and all but what about the global implications? You don't see other teams with such 'selfish' names (if I can call it that!) It's as if MI is not recognising the presence of the foreign players at all! Mumbai Indians indeed... If you play so greedily and selfishly, I believe the team name is an insult to all Indians!

I know very well that I may be called an anti-national or even a traitor for this post... Well... You can call me what you want!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Innovation (Inovascio)

18th April, 2010 was a year since the CEP program ended. CEP was a learning program for many Second Year students like me... But then there was the fun too. We students had many chances to unleash our already existing talents and also of developing new ones. Writing songs was something I tried first at the CEP program. And this was the song I wrote first. I mentioned this song in my last post, in passing. Yes, this was the first song on which Bonhoffer helped me compose a tune. This eventually came to be known, unofficially, as the CEP theme song, which my friends (Sarah, Shweta, Munira) performed on stage along with Bonhoffer and I.

Innovation (Inovascio)

Lyrics: Runcil Rebello
Composer: Bonhoffer Endigeri

Fickle minded were we,
When we entered CEP.
We were ready to be forged
Ahead in time in this gorge.

Separated from our friends,
Ignorance came to an end.
Teamwork - our first lesson,
Attitudes go in the bin.


Many lessons were to come,
Just hard work, nowhere to run.
Sleepless nights & dreamless days,
We were forced to search new ways.
Innovation is the need.
We're the ones to plant the seed,
Know that your reward is great,
We shall be successful, mate!

Camp Karnala brought us close,
Also kept us on our toes.
Treks, sessions, collages,
They were more than challenges.

Archaeology, Biotech,
Journalism, Cosmetics,
Advertising, Research,
Ready to fly off the perch.


Not just careers but life's teachings,
Be assertive, public speaking,
Body reading, better studying,
Towards success, we are veering.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's Never Easy...

I had penned this when I was in Goa, approximately two months ago, while leaving the place. Originally intended as a song, Bonhoffer did make my dream come true by coming up with a tune for this, that too almost a year after the CEP song that we composed together. I dedicate this song to all my friends in college. Almost at the end of college life, this song suits this purpose as well.

PS: You may find some references to some famous songs too, for instance in the fifth line (Leaving On A Jet Plane - John Denver), the seventh line (The End - The Doors) and the eighth line (Time Of Your Life - Green Day).

It's Never Easy...

Verse 1

It's never easy to say goodbye,
Once we were laughing now we cry.
The time we spent, the fun we had.
Those days of joy, how we were glad.

Now I leave, my bags are packed
Reminiscing what we all shared.
Is this the end, my dear friend?
Here is the fork in the bend.


I don't want to go but I have to,
Separation is not what I want from you.
Give me a ray of hope, can I turn back time?
Or do I go on with this painful rhyme?

Verse 2

I was lonely though not alone,
And now you give me reason to bemoan.
What'll happen to that glass of wine?
It all looks bleak, why don't it shine?

I get ready, chugs in my train.
Your love is what I attained.
My window does not stay still,
It slowly stains my spectrum.



Thank you for all you gave me,
The gifts, the laughs, a memory.
Will I be back I never know
Will you be there, I implore.

Revised Chorus

I didn't want to but I had to.
Though love I have taken back from you.
Everything has its place and time,
We met, that is what's prime.

I pray that I'll be back again.
And you'll be there, come sun or rain.
Distance makes the heart grow fonder,
Let's believe in it as we remain asunder.