Saturday, May 30, 2009

Betty wins, hands down!

Well the news in 'comicdom' is that Archie is about to propose Veronica and Betty loses out (once again!) I feel bad for Betty. The girl next door has lost out on the boy next door, instead he has fallen for the sexy seductress.

I believe this is the biggest publicity gimmick of our times. The publishers have scored a big goal in the fact that they've kept away from the 'typical' approach and have instead linked our "freckle face" to Ron. But eventually I don't think anything will happen and our loving Archie will still remain confused as before. He might even choose Cheryl like he did in the 'Love Showdown' series. Or maybe someone else! Midge? Ethel? Nancy? Betty? Jughead!?!?!

This piece of news has set tongues rolling everywhere with a very interesting topic coming up in the newspaper today. The article wonders whether just like in the comics does the girl-next-door lose out in real life as well to the sexy & svelte chick. They gave good examples too, that of Brad Pitt and Abhishek Bachchan. (?!?!?)

Traditionally in movies or books, it is always the simple girl who triumphs in the end. That's because of the age old adage that good always wins over evil and the sexy, rich girl was always considered a vamp against the halo on the head of the simpleton.

The article spoke about how all this is hogwash and girls nowadays can't afford to be simple. It spoke about how they lose out on the good guys in that way. I don't understand this! You might say that in India, we prefer dating the wild kind, but when its time to take her home, "no please, I'm taking someone else. Oh that girl there is nice! She's simple, homely and knows to cook." Well there are few people like this no doubt! But there are people who really want a simple girl too. Come on. Its not like every one's preference is the same and all guys out there are waiting for the hot chick to fulfill their dreams. After all what really matters is whether you connect with her. (I can see the millionaires wanting to cut my throat!)

Betty will win. And even if Archie does choose Ron, I say Betty should take Jughead. Juggie's a darling and he's always had a sweet spot for Betty (or her cookies, rather!)

The power of Youth

The youth of India are a vibrant lot. If you don't believe me, check out Orkut, Facebook and Blogspot as well. More than half of this country are youth. So I was happy when I saw the new ministry, the youngest ever minister is 28 years old. Good going! Its nice to know that we're somewhere on the map.

But this has also taken a long time coming. What's the problem then? I've noticed that our youth don't get enough opportunities. Or rather the 'experienced' elders don't want to give them a chance. I agree that experience is important, but old people are more likely to remain stagnant. Youth bring in that breath of fresh air that can revitalize anyone. An example here is of my parish. Two years ago, ours was a parish without much activity. After this particular priest arrived here and started the youth group, the parish suddenly had an overdose of activities. The parish was bursting at its seams with energy - a raw one, ready to be fully utilized, if shown the right direction. See! A guiding force is necessary, I don't deny it. This country, just like the parish, can certainly move forward in the right direction, if it has a proper guide.

Another important thing about the youth is that we like freedom, yet we're kept away from it. I know its misused sometimes, but you get rotten apples everywhere. Try it out, how many youth are able to speak out their minds at home. College is also supposed to have a free atmosphere. How many youth raise their voices there? Very few. Although the intensity has risen in the past few years, especially after the 26/11 attack. The pink chaddi campaign and then the campaign to get voters registered were also a few instances where the youth made their voice heard. Cool!

Youth should never be underestimated. Do so at your own risk. They're dangerous, they're smart and they're street savvy. And they're the future of the world.

One anecdote: I was once travelling in the local train. Mira Road station arrived. Passengers alighted and some boarded it too. As the next station Bhayandar was on the same side, about three youths who were already inside the train and who wanted to get down at Bhayandar
decided to hang at the gate. But unfortunately for them, people got in and stood at the gate itself. One of the middle aged person who stood at the gate told the youths, "Agar darwazein pe khada rehna hain, toh Lalu ko bolo aur train banaye." (If you want to stand at the gate, tell Lalu [the then Railway Minister] to build more trains.)

One of the youths replied, "Aap mujhe Lalu ka phone number dijiye, main abhi call karke bol deta hoon." (You please give me Lalu's phone number, I'll call and tell him.)

I rest my case!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well I just happened to read this article on a popular newspaper site about how our desi artists shy away from using cuss words or explicit lyrics even when we surprise people with our terrific vocabulary every single day and at the same time listen to our dear Akon, 50 Cent & Green Day singing away to glory (and money) with the Fs & the Bs & the As. (If you're wondering what the 'A' is all about, then don't waste time here, you're underage!)

The matter is why is there no freedom of expression here! This question is repeated every time some incident takes place that infringes on our 'moral right to assert ourselves freely'. And the answer is also very audible - "Our customs and traditions are different from the West." That's the stock answer that anyone has when this 'freedom' topic comes up.

Many years back they censored a song from a Govinda movie because it had the word ::drum roll:: 'sexy' in it. They changed it to 'baby'. So dumb! At least those times have changed. Didn't we recently have a child character in Cheeni Kum bearing the name Sexy? Wow! That is definitely an improvement.

Well, you get it, right? If this is the attitude towards 'sexy', just think about what happens to the colourful language? I've seen a policeman say 'bh**ch*d' & 'ma***ch*d' so many number of times. You just need to travel by the local trains! There may be shortage of breathing space there, but no, not bad words.

There are very few instances where people were able to freely voice themselves! Hats off to the Pink Chaddi campaign! And all that talk by the Sene about the girls not being from a civilized family - BULLSHIT! Hitting girls and molesting them is very Indian and civilized, so next time I'm going to do exactly that to my girl friends!

There is a certain limit everywhere. You can't roam about in India the way Paris Hilton does. And anyway people get a life! Showing your butt when you have low waist is just an opportunity for the people behind you to crack a joke on!

You can't make a song with just bad words in it (although Sutta & GMD survived well!) It may be needed for effect, OK with that! But where's the beauty of words? And anyway, if your song has a PG version, you would not like hearing BEEPS everywhere.

By the way, our Hindi song composers do take chances now. Every one's heard Emosanal Attyachaar by now. Did you know that the song contained the word 'whore' in it? If you're an English music freak, you would probably say "What's so interesting in that?" Well, from sexy to whore, its been a long time.


Addiction is a bad thing. Well that's what people say at least! "Too much of anything isn't good!", "You are doing it in excess!", "Stop now or you don't know what may happen!" Well these are just few of the dire warnings I've heard.

But I say addiction is not always bad. Come on, every coin has two sides, that's how the cliched phrase goes right!? Well I just recently got started on the Internet, starting with Orkut. I had an Orkut account from quite some time and I knew it can get addictive but I thought, "well, not me, I know my limits." But then it didn't take much time for me to discover the captivating world of the Internet. Orkut to Facebook to Tagged to Twitter and now to Blogspot hasn't taken me an eternity, definitely! Well I'm happy I'm here, I love writing! Now I have a regular pad to say what I feel like. My teachers have been telling me: You want to become a journalist, get yourself heard. WRITE!!!

Well here I am now! I hope to continue this affair. My blogs named Randomnique. As you can well see, its a combination of Random & Unique, which is how I say my posts will be. Till next time then. Adios!