Thursday, May 28, 2009


Addiction is a bad thing. Well that's what people say at least! "Too much of anything isn't good!", "You are doing it in excess!", "Stop now or you don't know what may happen!" Well these are just few of the dire warnings I've heard.

But I say addiction is not always bad. Come on, every coin has two sides, that's how the cliched phrase goes right!? Well I just recently got started on the Internet, starting with Orkut. I had an Orkut account from quite some time and I knew it can get addictive but I thought, "well, not me, I know my limits." But then it didn't take much time for me to discover the captivating world of the Internet. Orkut to Facebook to Tagged to Twitter and now to Blogspot hasn't taken me an eternity, definitely! Well I'm happy I'm here, I love writing! Now I have a regular pad to say what I feel like. My teachers have been telling me: You want to become a journalist, get yourself heard. WRITE!!!

Well here I am now! I hope to continue this affair. My blogs named Randomnique. As you can well see, its a combination of Random & Unique, which is how I say my posts will be. Till next time then. Adios!


  1. he he he he he he The first !!! nice !! U started way befor me !!!

  2. u started! dats the main thing... better late than never... sometimes these old adages still hold true...