Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well I just happened to read this article on a popular newspaper site about how our desi artists shy away from using cuss words or explicit lyrics even when we surprise people with our terrific vocabulary every single day and at the same time listen to our dear Akon, 50 Cent & Green Day singing away to glory (and money) with the Fs & the Bs & the As. (If you're wondering what the 'A' is all about, then don't waste time here, you're underage!)

The matter is why is there no freedom of expression here! This question is repeated every time some incident takes place that infringes on our 'moral right to assert ourselves freely'. And the answer is also very audible - "Our customs and traditions are different from the West." That's the stock answer that anyone has when this 'freedom' topic comes up.

Many years back they censored a song from a Govinda movie because it had the word ::drum roll:: 'sexy' in it. They changed it to 'baby'. So dumb! At least those times have changed. Didn't we recently have a child character in Cheeni Kum bearing the name Sexy? Wow! That is definitely an improvement.

Well, you get it, right? If this is the attitude towards 'sexy', just think about what happens to the colourful language? I've seen a policeman say 'bh**ch*d' & 'ma***ch*d' so many number of times. You just need to travel by the local trains! There may be shortage of breathing space there, but no, not bad words.

There are very few instances where people were able to freely voice themselves! Hats off to the Pink Chaddi campaign! And all that talk by the Sene about the girls not being from a civilized family - BULLSHIT! Hitting girls and molesting them is very Indian and civilized, so next time I'm going to do exactly that to my girl friends!

There is a certain limit everywhere. You can't roam about in India the way Paris Hilton does. And anyway people get a life! Showing your butt when you have low waist is just an opportunity for the people behind you to crack a joke on!

You can't make a song with just bad words in it (although Sutta & GMD survived well!) It may be needed for effect, OK with that! But where's the beauty of words? And anyway, if your song has a PG version, you would not like hearing BEEPS everywhere.

By the way, our Hindi song composers do take chances now. Every one's heard Emosanal Attyachaar by now. Did you know that the song contained the word 'whore' in it? If you're an English music freak, you would probably say "What's so interesting in that?" Well, from sexy to whore, its been a long time.


  1. u mean to say dat swearing shld go on freely????
    but y????manier tymes ppl dont mean wat dey say!!! while swearing spcly!!!

  2. I said there is a limit evrywhere.
    plus I was talkin abt its uses in songs n movies n elsewhere, where one order by the 'higher power' and the word is deleted. Where's the freedom, guys?

  3. u knw manier tymes i hv heard my frnds swearing in hindi!! wel as u knw my hindi aint dat good!! i end up asking dem wat does @#$%^&* dat mean!! n manier tymes dey demselves donot knw d meaning!!! its just dat u hv heard sumtgh sumwere n u end up aping dat!!!!
    y????like i thnk we al use d f wrd so casually!!! i hv heard lttl kids using d wrd widout even knwing d meaning!!!
    how does dat make sense???
    i thnk wid usage of too much of cuss wrds in songs n movies it wil just increase d usage of dese wrds!!!!
    so y wnt freedom for usage of cuss wrds???
    i thnk dey shld b curbd!!!

  4. U tell me, if v ban all cuss words, children r nt goin to learn dem? hw hav kids been learning them ovr so many generations, bad words were never in the lyrics or on tv, so?

  5.!!!!! That's why I talk about freedom of speech often. I don't know why people feel it a taboo to use words like sexy or bitch or even fcuk for that sake when every one knows when a woman gets pissed at some thing she invents 'gallies' there and then. Then you don't even know how to translate them.

    At least I'm quite used to the freedom given to me to use words like sexy and .....and ......that's it sexy but I'm happy that no one in my house clenches their mouth with both their hands to show how shocked they are.
    Talking about the cops......I share a fleeting rapport with them. I know exactly when they would like to swear at some one.....and i join them. That's a long way we've come.......even the cops now use fcuk even though most of them don't know what it means..

    So pray for liberation and till then Happy Swearing!!!

  6. very well said..!!!

    give 'Cuss' words a chance..!!

    totally agree wid u on dis..!!

    n 4 d 1es who r prudishh...plz come outta of d closets..!!