Saturday, July 18, 2009

The ME Quiz

Birthday: 2 November 1989
Hug or Kiss?: Depends on WHO it is...
Do you own a cell phone?: Irritating people with my missed calls since 2004
You like to text?: Julie might answer this better...
Have any tattoos?: A small crucifix on my right hand, got it when I was 3.

Saying: Looks Are Deceptive
Alcoholic Drink: Wine (Actually I don't drink anything else...)

Jumped off a house: Sorry, I don't have suicidal tendencies like you do!
Sex in a public place?: How about sex in a private place first???
Been arrested: No, but the police made me feel as if I committed some big crime by accompanying a girl to the police station just because she wanted to lodge a complaint about her lost cell phone.
Fantasised about a co-worker: A co-student, yes! Many-a-times.
Cried during a movie: I'm crying over the state of movies these days...

Read the newspaper: YES!
Believe in ghosts: Nope
Like winning: Competition is my third name (the second is Narcissism).
Believe in love at first sight: As Julie said, its only lust at first sight
Wear contacts or glasses: Clear vision...

Something you know that most don't: Meet me, I'll tell you according to what you want to know.
Your biggest fear: I'm in TY, so its as good as your guess...
Last thing you said: "Why?"
What's the shortest distance between two points?: What do I know? Ask the two points?!

Cats/Dogs: Cats
Summer/Winter: Winter
Beer/Wine: Wine
Money/Love: Love
Phone/In Person: In person, anytime!

Do you have a bf/gf, if so specify: No
Are you in love?: No.
Outgoing or introverted?: Outgoing, though can remain by myself at times.
Do you believe that you are a good bf/gf?: Everyone likes to believe that they are a good bf/gf!
Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?: No, not everyone...