Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh! Sweet Sorrow

Oh! Sweet sorrow,
enrapture me.
Take me away from this madness
into a world of serenity.

Time stands still,
memory hazy.
We can dance into the trembling night;
indulge in passion

That which I never had.

Come close to me,
hold me,
don't let me fall.

Answer me,
caress me,
assure me you're mine,
that's all.

The night falls apart now,
daylight streams through.
You. A distant memory.

Oh! Sweet sorrow,
kill me.
Pain is my pleasure.


  1. Its a nice poem.. Wish I could know what you were thinking about when you wrote it :)

  2. That was the topic of discussion in class today among us... ;)

  3. Derz definitely another side to u.... buck teeth hides it ol..!!!!

  4. dance and all eh? dance hangover utra nahin? ;)