Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Poisoned by the World for Keeping My Smile

Poisoned by the World for Keeping My Smile

I am myself when I'm with you.
Could I be fatal? Could I be cruel?
I assume I am nobody's fool.
Thwarted, wasted, ain't born with a golden spoon.

Loneliness embraces me at every corner.
Embracing, she takes me away further.
Seduced by her impartial vile,
Poisoned by the world for keeping my smile.

Is there anyone who understands me?
Take away your camaraderie.
Be not judgmental, as it suits you,
Rather try putting yourself in my shoes.

You'll never know when you've been outclassed
My legacy shall forever last.
You do not decide who I am,
Nay, my friend! Dubito, ergo sum.

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