Saturday, January 16, 2010

Delicious Heartbreak...

I see red flowing all over,
As scarlet as it can be.
You smear your finger in it.
Seeping down rapidly.

My grief wipes out
The colour from my tears.
The sunshine is dead,
Hope is divided by fear.

The true colours of man
Mars the darkness of night.
I crinkle along
Like the icy, mighty stalactite

You confound me
Much more than Rorschach's blots.
You caused a delicious heartbreak
Caught in a web of moths.


  1. wooooooo!!! that was yet another beautiful poem frm u! ..
    kee it up!!

  2. @Sojo & William: Thanks!

  3. Wow..amzingly beautiful :)

  4. Since you dropped by my blog. Thought I'd return the favor.

    Good work on the poem. I'd love to have you on board for this project a few friends of mine and I have started. We're trying to compile a book of poems with art. If you are interested drop by:

  5. Thanks Paras... I have already joined that community, and wanted to hand in some poems too, though I don't know how to go about handing over the poems...