Friday, November 27, 2009

Glimpses Into My Feelings

So scary they can be.
Am I really so great
that you expect so much from me?

What ruin it can cause!
Was your judgment made in haste,
did you not stand and pause?

So quickly can be formed.
Judge not just an action of mine,
to correct it, I have no wand.

What an enchanting relationship!
At once 'twas so strong
now can't overlook a glitch?

How catastrophic it can get!
The comfort that we shared
now easily you'll forget.

Is what I'm asking for.
I miss you, my dear friend,
let not hatred be your heart's consent.


  1. Expectations, Misunderstanding, hatred, judgement.......Down fall of relationships.....But the human experience or definition....(not getting the word) of these is very well thought of...and explained.
    U know U have explained a sort of problem and given a solution at the same time if U go to see ....Well done!

  2. All of these.....Expectations, Misunderstanding, etc........
    Mar a Healthy relation.....
    Only if these were given a blind eye too.....
    But sad....they tend to rule much much more than the greatnes of life.
    only if forgivnes was soo easy, al d above wuld have been NOTHING

  3. y' pretty much said everything that my status wished to express...
    sadly, we're so involved in relationships, we forget what it is like to be with people we enjoy being with, talking to...