Friday, November 27, 2009

A Droplet in the Sea

This poem was written way back in May. 6th May to be precise. My friend Zena suggested that I should post this up. Well here it is. It was written while I was traveling by train and there was an old man sitting opposite me, although the conversation at the end is entirely fictional.
A Droplet in the Sea
I charge into the train,
towards the window seat.
Sits in front of me, a man,
so frail, even a child could beat.
His clothes are shoddy,
dirty too.
His spectacles are aged,
made in Nineteen Seventy Two.
His heart ticks
like the watch on his hand.
Don't know how much time it has,
The batteries going off.
An eyelash lies above his mouth,
A wish, he has, unfulfilled.
He wipes his entire face.
Alas! The chance is killed.
He is tired and weary,
waiting for his destination.
The next stop is his,
the time is not a question.
"What will you do," he asks,
"writing a poem about me?"
"Few years down the line, my son,
you, too, will be a droplet in the sea."


  1. Out of all ur poems I love this the best !!!
    It gets things into perspective for me ....
    After we all are droplets in the sea.....
    THis poem has depth... I really like it .

  2. Thanks... hahahahah! dats a nice pun there depth... after all dis poem shud have depth due to it being droplets in the sea!

  3. i loved it! ...
    ur observations and composition are just unbeatable! ..

    ... m ur fan now!! :-)

    keep up the good work!!!

  4. wow thanks to ur friend who made u post this one...its amazing!

  5. @ Simone & William: Thanks guys!

  6. descriptive....
    now it makes me think.....
    al said so true

  7. Absolutely loved it. Keep up the goodwork.