Monday, June 8, 2009

Vacation Diary

College was supposed to begin on 11th for me, but apparently in a teacher's meeting held in college, the principal actually forgot about his promise to start college on that day. So therefore, college begins tomorrow now and that makes today's day, officially, the last day of the vacations for me. I've been really busy during these vacations, the most I've been in recent memory. Therefore in this post, I would like to point out few things I've not done before or some things I did again (and I still enjoyed the same as the first time!)

1. I got selected for the CEP program in college. I'm not telling you what it was except that we had lots of sessions on various occupations, work skills and life skills. There was an unforgettable camp too! Prof. Sudhakar turned out to be an invaluable guide, not only to me but to everyone in CEP. I still remember those hectic yet enjoyable four weeks!

2. In the camp I wrote a script for a small skit that our group put up. I'd like to thank everyone from my group, The Explorers, who helped me while writing it and who had brilliant ideas. Also thanks to all my group members for listening and actually using my weird ideas. I was surprised that they were so receptive.

3. I wrote poems. Well, I just started a few months back so I was glad to write more. I also wrote a song which went on to become the CEP theme song. Thanks to Bonhoffer for composing a tune for it. And to Sarah, Shweta & Munira who sang along with both of us.

4. I got a job. Actually I landed an internship at DNA due to CEP. Thanks to the efforts taken by my teachers, Ms. Vinita and Mrs. Uchil. Also thanks to all the people who helped me while working there. And I owe a lot to Julie, you kept me sane there. And Arlene, you too were no less, though I rarely met you there.

5. I created a fake profile on Orkut. Eventually I also took over my friend's fake profile and ran it for few days. We were caught after a few days, but shameless that I am, I was still denying it was me though the whole town knew it.

6. I learnt to say no to a few people (whom I don't like.)

7. I finally read Jeffrey Archer's novel Kane and Abel. Man! I'm inspired. I want to write a book like that one day.

8. I started blogging - the results of which can be seen here.

9. I watched many movies. I even watched Kal Ho Naa Ho again for the nth number of time. And I still enjoyed it as much as the first time. "Suno, Jiyo, Khush Raho, Muskuraho, Kya Pata, Kal Ho Naa Ho."

10. I performed a mujra. This happened in the aforementioned skit. Thanks to my group members again for pushing me to do it and to Henson - if he hadn't done it, even I wouldn't have!

11. I managed to piss off my friends. Well there's nothing new in that. Just that, this time I took it to a much higher level and they were so pissed that they were not speaking to me for few days.

12. I managed to yet again not visit Goa. That's ten years since I've last been there. I'm ashamed to say that I'm a Goan!

Anyway that's my list. Not many significant things, but all are things I enjoyed. Thanks to the various people (and there are many of them) who made this vacation memorable. Now I look forward to the new academic year. Third Year Literature, here I come!


  1. i kept u sae der? was more lik d oder way round..!!
    neways..thnz i am honoured..!!

  2. It was complementary, actually!

  3. wow! sounds like u had fun this vacation!! ... i mean mujra and all tht huh!;-)

  4. And I really don't remember you doing the Mujra. Now that you said that your inspired by me you have to put up a show exclusively for us T.Y's. What say???