Thursday, June 11, 2009

Coincidences Galore!!!

Of all things in the world that are puzzling, mind boggling, etc., etc., coincidences stump me the most. Coincidences happen too much with me. Like today when i went to Bandra with my friends (who were almost an hour late), I saw a classmate with her friend at McDonald's when she told me she was going to her ex-college for some work, I'm assuming she finished her work and then was having a swell time with her friend.

Well coincidences always seem to follow me wherever I go. Its like my tail. Even now as I'm writing this, I'm chatting with my friend and she tells me that she's about to meet her friends tomorrow too, and that too at Bandra! Strange!

Even last year when I went with my parish friends to the annual Bandra Fair. It was a Wednesday. (Pun unintended, although its as terrifying!) So I never did expect what would happen eventually. I came across few people whom I knew but was not on talking terms to then. I was surprised! Why had they bunked college on that day itself to visit the Fair. There were like, six other days in the week! It was the nth number of time I was coming face to face with that group, especially when I try so much to avoid them, especially one particular girl in the group.

Actually now I feel that its not coincidences which are following me but its me who is following coincidences, especially by going to Bandra every time!

Anyway, I feel that coincidences occur because the world has indeed become a small place, we know so many people from so many different places that sometimes you might meet people at random places and it may not surprise you at all.

Anyway, I met a few of my friends today (as I mentioned above.) It had been a particularly long time since I met them, so I was very excited. We went to McDonald's - our usual spot! And then when we saw that it was drizzling slightly and the weather was cool, we decided to go to Bandstand. Then wonder of wonders, by the time we reach bandstand, it is blazing hot and we were being fried! We were sweating profusely. I was wondering how the various couples there were making out in all the heat! They must be sweating even more. One particular couple was very smart, they brought an umbrella along with them and were making out... How many umbrellas can one handle at a time! (I know that's gross, but that's the way I am! A total social embarrassment!) Under my umbrella...

By the way, since we're talking about umbrellas, I'll end this post on that note. I've noticed on the road side many hawkers have started selling umbrellas. Obviously because its the rainy season! But I've noticed that the prices of the long umbrellas is more than the smaller ones. Coincidence, or what?


  1. how do you type and blow yor own horn at the same time?

  2. Coincidence is the mother of all Vengeance.......
    she'll always come your way. So make way for her.
    And live with the lovely tail you got...It may help you keep flies away.

  3. hey gud 1...!!!
    and very interesting..!!!

    Atta boy..!!

  4. @ Aaron: Narcissism is the privelege of the gifted few!

  5. @S.O.S. The world'son FIRE:
    Sure now they'll stick to urs!

  6. an Hour late..

  7. Hhahahaa...
    chatri ka size n all..n wow...coincidence..lolzz

    u think outta the box..lolz