Friday, June 5, 2009

The two dreaded words a student hates to hear - LESS MARKS!

Hello there! The HSC results were out yesterday and Bombay suffered a big fall in its pass percentage! Not only that but I've seen a lot of eyes crying out in fear of parents and read a lot in the news about suicides. Regular right? Why? Why is it regular?

I don't understand one thing! When results are about to be declared, I read all over the papers about people saying that "Marks are not everything." , "There's life after failing." , etc. But doesn't this thing go into the heads of our educational ministers and principals and our so called 'reformers'?

Why is our educational system so marks oriented? "I have to get 90% or I won't get admission in a good college." Whatever happened to sheer talent and skill?

I was happy a few months back when St. Xavier's college announced that it has got the go-ahead for autonomy. For those not in the know, Autonomy implies that a college can choose its own portion and studies while at the same time students can choose subjects from different streams. So that means I could have chosen Literature, Psychology and Chemistry altogether.

But almost a year has passed and there's still no sight of autonomy.

Our schools also are so rigid about few things. For instance it is compulsory to study 3 languages till our 10th standard and then 2 languages till 12th. What about people who don't have a flair for languages? I spoke to my friend who is in Auckland right now. He tells e that his brother was allowed to leave his Science subject in the 7th grade itself just because he didn't have an interest in it. He could instead study only those subjects he liked.

In our country, only ICSE and CBSE boards allow for such freedom, although its not on the same scale. Hopefully our administrators will pay heed to the pleas of students (and psychologists and psychiatrists in the newspapers alike) and provide some flexibility.

After all marks are not everything. If it were we wouldn't have the bulb under which we usually study hard to pass the exams!


  1. i am on ur side..!!

    btu nw i guess kids 2 knw how not 2 fall into pressure and follow deir heart..!!

    atlast some kids arnd me sure knw wot dey want..!!

  2. The problem with our children is that we end taking everything to be too easy........not like the times when we used to study and score.

    These days they think they can take things easy and survive. I don't think that is a right attitude. And why do we have to blame the system for something that lacks on our part.......and I personally feel that the ones who end up committing suicide are the ones who have lacked a lot and have been the biggest losers.

    And even I agree that marks are not everything. But the major problem is that now-a-days or let me say that most parents put the marks scored as a priority and mostly end up comparing the child to someone who has scored better than him/her. That should be first let out and parents should understand that marks are not everything and every child has his own aptitude. This thought I guess could help a lot.

  3. well firstly i think Autonomy[letting the students select subjects of their choice]is really cool! ...looking forward to it!.. hopefully it'll get applied soon in mostly all instis

    secondly i guess as S.o.s aslo said, comparing the child to someone who has scored better than him/her ... really kills all the "Marks-are not-everything." , "There's-life-after-failing." feelings! ..

  4. having a degree......a "high" qualification......just so overrated....but thinking about it...its parents pressurizing children...n those children doing the same tho their brood....d cycle continues...hahaa....look no further than home for about seeking inspiration from bollywood(i ain't a movie buff)....some random guy comes from an unknown village without a proper "arts/theater"degree and still manages to pursue his/her dreams...

  5. Only if parents realised the same.I gues many a times it is them n their average student cant score a bloddy 100......
    I gues the pressure is too much to handle...
    The feelin b4 a result, b4 an examination....God....
    R v anserable to the world???