Wednesday, March 9, 2011

If Wishes Had Wings...

If wishes had white wings,
and thoughts their cloudy bubbles,
we’d live in a world of love,
the air filled with castles.
If the mind wandered free
and imagination reigned supreme,
we’d be much happier,
peace and love decreed.
If love never changed form
and hatred disappeared,
we’d be worthy humans,
such as is only in dreams heard.


  1. "An eyelash on an gentle wrist,
    a ritual taught in our innocent childhoods;
    Perhaps a lie, a deceit it was...
    yet we slept in peace,
    and dreamed then, of a better world... pain, no sadness,
    just salty tears,
    of unabashed, abundant joy...
    a distant hope,
    ...of dreams coming true...
    of wishes having white wings..."

  2. i loved the last para... "we’d be worthy humans,
    such as is only in dreams heard."
    very nice post ..