Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I hate a lot of people.
But hate is too strong a word to use on you, a trifle hard; dislike is what I have for you.

D for dumb.
I for ignorant.
S for stupid.
L for lazy.
I for illogical.
K for kinky.
E for enthusiastic. Not!

You are all these, and all that you speak.
It annoys me.
Annoys me no end.
My arrow doesn’t always stop at dislike; I’d like to hate you.

And I think I will.

H for horrific.
A for arrogant.
T for terrible.
E for erratic.

There! My feelings have graduated.
It now feels even more that you’re overrated.
Now my hatred is at a point of no return,
It’s okay, my boy, my hate never hurt anyone.


  1. Just my thoughts! You turned them into a poem :)

  2. you forgot D.E.S.P.I.S.E.!

  3. Errr, Next poem... ;)