Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Birthday Resolution

Since people have been bugging me and asking what my birthday resolutions are (looking at Zena & Shubhra) considering it's my twenty first birthday, I'll list a few that I think I can manage to stick by... (for a day at least).

1. Looking at Ishani & Sylvia (Puneites), Shubhra & Mudita (Delhiites) and Hrisha & Ishani (again) (Bengalis): I shall not poke fun at Pune, Delhi or Calcutta ever again. Oh correction, Kolkata...

2. I shall not use the word 'watever' or phrase 'wat ur saying?'

3. I shall stop biting nails.

4. I shall get a girlfriend. (Looking at Shubhra, Sarah & Tina.)

5. I shall be a very humble person and TRY not to be narcissistic. In which case, my twitter handle @MrNarci becomes redundant.

6. I shall strive to complete my assignments at least a week before each one is due.

7. I shall listen to music by Himesh Reshammiya, Anu Malik & Justin Bieber as all music is art and it is to be appreciated.

8. I shall watch Avatar. In 3D. And also Avatar 2. And Avatar 3.

9. I shall definitely smoke and do drugs as one should experience everything in life at least once.

10. I shall stop my sick PJs and come up with witty jokes a la Avinash on Twitter. (By the way, Avinash is really good at them. I am flummoxed at how he comes up with them so regularly.)

11. I shall continue writing fake stuff like this. Definitely. Scout's Honour. Oh wait, I never was a Scout!

Well, I do ACTUALLY intend to learn some things this year, earnestly. And that list is:

1. Learning to jive is still top priority. David, Tina & Sylvia, you people are yet to teach me!!!

2. I do intend to start writing a book. And a script too!

3. I do want to work as a feature writer. More than anything else. It's interesting compared to reporting. And although I love the language, editing still is a headache! (My parishioners, improve your English. Editing the parish bulletin is a pain in the a**e.)

4. I intend to travel more. Traveling is fun. Alone or even with a group of like-minded friends.

5. I shall continue to be a good friend to all my companions.

After 21 years of being alive, I've learnt that life is not easy and not everything is as it seems. This may seem like an Oscar acceptance speech but as my Facebook status said: "There was a film called 21 and it was a huge hit at the box office. God made my life, called it 21. It is an even bigger blockbuster and it still hasn't finished its run at the box office!"

I'd like to thank my parents. Without them, I'd be nothing. Absolutely. Nothing.

My friends are my family away from home. All my friends, from St. Paul's (Schoolboys) & Bakery Building (Paos) to St. Xavier's (JC), to Our Lady of Nazareth (my parishioners), to Wilson's (senior college: one of the best periods in my life) and now XICites (Future 'corrupt' Journos). And friends I've made out of these groups too. I'm grateful to all of you. You know who you are.

I've had friends who were good friends of mine but with whom I'm not in touch with now probably due to miscommunication or my fault. I'm sorry if I ever hurt you. I've learnt a lot from you. Rest assured, I'm grateful to you too.

My teachers. They may be teachers in school, or priests. I've had a few who've guided me in all I do and wherever necessary. Their inspiration kept me going.

And last, but the most thankful to God. For scripting a beautiful story for my life. As my birthdaysake Shah Rukh Khan (Happy Birthday SRK!) said in Om Shanti Om: "Picture abhi baaki hain mere dost."


  1. Anonymous2/11/10 20:22

    ok............good one!!!i liked 3rd nd 5th nd many more!!!u shd hav added that u will try not to swear!!!hope u never experience drugs nd smoking coz u never knw,if it wud lead 2 any serious addiction!!
    nd since v both r serious srk fans may god bless him!!!as 4 u...all d best 4 ur future life nd i pray to god day u get wat u desire or more appropriately wat u deserve....coz wat u deserve may b much more dan wat u desire!!!enough of sentimental statements!!! honestly....dnt change coz wat u r makes u special!!!nd hav fun...........nd i'll always b ther to argue wid u on silly topics!!!nd guess who am i??i m sure its as easy as anythng!!!

  2. Sahi hain Runcil...keep going this way :)

  3. dude, this was uber cool :)... thumbs up for the structure (:P not getting critical) hehehe... HAPPY B'day once again!!!

  4. hey, happy birthday, once again!
    hm, I am usually of the opinion that birthday celebrations are a capitalistic creation...however, I differ on the notion of birthday blogs!
    God help you in achieving all that you want to achieve...
    on a personal note, I don't want points 5, 6 and 7 to happen from the first list...or life for me on FB would be so boring!

  5. Very touching :)
    Wish you a good life.. God bless

  6. @Anonynous: Manasi Mankatty!

    @megharana: Thanks a lot... :)

    @vev & Manasi Dhanorkar: Thanks... :)

    @Pacific Hues: hahahahahhahaha... Some things never change!

    @Shilpa: ::bows:: :P

  7. Love it. I shall count from 1 to 11 now ;)

  8. Awwww Runcil This is So heart felt Im Happy For u ;)

  9. @Lady Cardiidae: Begin. When you end, you can tell me.

    @Anez: Thanks dear. Happy Birthday to you too... (See, on time!) :P

  10. manasi mankatty14/11/10 20:44

    ok............u guessed it right....not that it was difficult!!!!!bt good one!!!