Friday, November 19, 2010

From Light To Darkness

Because we descend into darkness today,
Allowing it to shroud us.

Slowly, unseen, stealthily,
we reached,
where no light could reach.

Dipped in  black, our eyes got new sight,
nothing was wrong, nothing was right.

Darkness had done its job, its palms taken off our eyes,
we settled back in this world, no truth,
no lies.


  1. Darkness is the new light. Everyone wants to be come the oh so 'dark' child! Lets listen to the brightside now :P

  2. darkness is the true existence.
    light is what allows our eyes to see.
    truth, lies are all matters o perception;
    what exists, and what is real.

    hey, i composed a verse..!

    a couple of lines can be so thought-provoking...nice work, MrNarci!

  3. Anonymous4/2/11 15:51

    this is really great. i read all your articles and i loved this the most.