Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bad Poetry

And when we talk to each other after so long,
I feel inspired to write a few words about you,
about the time we shared with each other.
And all I can write is bad poetry.

I have no sense of rhyme or rhythm,
pass my judgment through a prism
of trust, of love, and yet they produce no words.

All I write is bad poetry.
All I hum is bad poetry.

I strum all day this guitar,
two chords played all along
and I’m not able to come up with anything better.

Then you read my poems,
and you like them all.
You consider it good poetry
and I know you do like it
but I can write better.

So I’ll sit down with the guitar once again,
till I write something worthy of you.
Till I write better poetry.


  1. Of rhyming words,
    schemes and themes,
    uniformity in conformity.
    They call that good poetry.

    Men with fancy English names,
    Of a language old and old tastes,
    Steeped in tradition,
    They call that good poetry.

    Words that come from the heart,
    Don't need no reason, don't need no rhyme
    What they need is emotion.
    Would they call it good poetry?

  2. U should make this a song!

  3. so runcu's thuder stolen by proshant awesome work proshant

  4. I like this game you play. An answer to a question. A question for an answer.

  5. U know U and Proshant should make this a song ... what U have written followed by what Proshant has written ... actually it would go good somewhere in a musical....