Saturday, September 24, 2011

You Complete My Day

I’m yours.
You’re mine.
You’re the best.
You make me better.

Verse 1:
Don’t you love it when everything is just fine!
Don’t you love it when the sun on you shine!
Skipping around in puddles of water,
Sipping with friends the rum and a quarter.
Care to see the flowers opening up to the day!
Care to see the people smiling on their way!
Flashing a big smile at everyone,
Kissing the rain as we just run.

Care to share your happiness with someone else!

Your joys to be shared,
laughter infectious.
no worries, no cares.
warmness contagious.
Happiness loves company
So do you and so do I.
At each other’s side we ourselves lay,
oh friend, you complete my day.

Verse 2:
Can’t you see the ladybug crawling away!
The crow that is satiated lets it stay.
Dancing around the water sprinkler,
singing a tease, a naughty winker.
Can’t you see the attention that you’re deriving!
Painting a picture beautiful no one can see.
Jumping on the green wet grass,
playing on the see saw’s mass.

Don’t you want to play into the night!

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