Monday, August 8, 2011

The Traveller And The Moon

Rolling over the northern star,
Just push his scars right out of the way.

The night is up, the moon shows its face,
filled with scars, a trace of its heydays.
And the Northern Star twinkles and jingles,
while the mighty periwinkle just winks.
A sign of the jinx, by the fur of the great Sphinx.
she shows her prickly face, to mirror the sun,
to help the man on the moon to run.

“I’m busy,” the traveler said.
“I’ll meet you while you’re busy,” she replied.

He gasped, he wheezed, he puffed, he heaved
himself to walk further
to reach the end of the moon,
to jump over the Star.
The periwinkle twinkled and winked,
the traveler had had no time to think.

Her light flickered. Like a candle
he was extinguished.

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