Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 And All That Blah!

2010 comes to an end and all that blah! The last week of December doesn’t belong to December but becomes the property of the entire year gone by, good or bad. We have best of lists, worst of lists, historic moments lists, flops, hits, trends of the year, etc., etc., etc. Heck! Even I made two lists prior to this blog post. Ah! Yes. How could we forget the New Year Resolutions lists? These are invaluable.

I don’t see the fuss over a new year, frankly. Yes, it is fun to make these best of lists and see what the year was like. But for me that’s it. Luckily, till date, the new year has always been preceded by a week-long Christmas vacation so when I get back to college in the new year it does feel refreshing. Though I wonder how much new year is going to feel like a New Year once I start working, come April, and when I’m probably working my ass off on some year-end list on December 31st only to get back to create a list on January 1st about what to look forward to in the new year.

Well, call me cynical, but then the truth can be that way.

After all, what would New Year’s Day be if some wisecrack thousands of years ago who has found his name in the trivia books hadn’t made the Gregorian calendar. What would New Year’s Day be if that wisecrack hadn’t said that December would be the last month and after that would begin a new year? Would we have an all night party counting down to twelve o’clock (well, would we have a twelve o’clock at all? But that’s another issue!) if the Wisecrack hadn’t decided that January 1 follows December 31?

For all that matters, we wouldn’t even be celebrating our birthdays! (But that is not a good thing. I love birthdays. I’m too narcissistic to not love or celebrate birthdays).

So what is a New Year? Just a passage of time. Nothing more. And yet we wish for a “happier 2011” because “the previous year wasn’t good”. Well, a New Year is not going to change anything guys. Especially if you repeat the same things that you did the previous years. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all for making mistakes. How else will you learn? But then don’t go and foolishly hang yourself off the fan just because you didn’t succeed the first time!

Your New Year will be a “happy and prosperous” one only if you want to make it one. Only if you act in a manner befitting one. Only if you don’t blame destiny and fate and God…

But sigh! Only if…! If only…!

Happy New Year anyway!

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  1. spoken like a true post-modernist, cynic and a narcissist! i mean, if we can celebrate at the end of December, why leave out the other months!? isn't that unfair!?
    this one, in many ways, complements my own...(hm, why aren't I surprised?!)
    however, I don't like celebrating my birthday, I'm far to cynical for that...
    all in all, i'd say this just asks all the fools out there to have a good look at reality...or to atleast,'s pointless...
    anyway, happy new year to you too!