Sunday, July 4, 2010

Oh Sparrow!

Oh sparrow,
So freely you flitter around,
No cares, no worries surround,
So delightful your chirping sound,
You don’t care.

Oh sparrow,
Why can’t we be like you?
Just flying like nothing’s true,
In those skies so serene blue.
Why can’t we?

Oh sparrow,
You amaze me at every sight,
You only make my mornings bright,
Now I feel like setting things right,
As it should be.

Oh sparrow,
What has never been said,
About you in your glorious stead.
Your path we want to tread,
Your elegant path.

Oh sparrow,
Teach us to overthrow our fear,
Believe in God our Saviour,
He’ll be there like no other peer.
Just like you, also for me.


  1. Anonymous4/7/10 08:51

    nice...! how's the sparrow's status there? heard they're really reducing in numbers...tragic. but, you reminded us about the little joys the little sparrow can give!

  2. awww! that's a sweet poem!! ..

    yeah sparrows have reduced .... an article on mirror few days ago said... we need to start a 'save the sparrow' campaign like the 'save the tiger' one.

  3. I love sparrows!! =D nd

  4. Nice ....I like the way U have equated sparrow with freedom ....Nice

  5. sparrows believe in God?

  6. I like the rhythm of your poem. Somehow it reminds me of the innocence in John Donne's "The Lamb". It shows your immense faith in God by way of a simple sparrow.